Monday, March 2, 2009

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in the UK

I learned that March is OC awareness month from Sandhy a fellow survivor and blogger who lives in England.

There is a fund in the UK called The Eve Appeal - Gynaecology Cancer Research Fund. They have raised over 5 million pounds for research since 2005. The research program is led by Medical Director Dr. Ian Jacobs. The focus of their reseach includes understanding the causes and biology of gynecological cancers, screening and risk factors, documenting the spread of cancer and quality of life issues and treatment.

They are also a part of a number of trials and studies including the United Kingdom Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS) , the world’s largest ever screening trial for ovarian cancer and the United Kingdom Familial Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial (UKFOCSS), a collaborative study which aims to find out if screening is beneficial to women with an inherited risk or genetic risk of ovarian cancer.

There is a world wide need to find a screening test for early stage Ovarian Cancer and more effective treatments and a cure and these researchers in the UK are helping us find answers. Thanks!

Every Day is a Blessing.

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l'optimiste said...

nice post! I just wish we all had the same month for OC like the breast cancer awareness - but I suppose we spread it out? :o)