Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Loss

Over the past few months I have written about my cousin Charles , friends Erin and Sharon and the loss I felt.

Today with a heavy heart I write about our family's dear friend Roy. He and his wife and daughters have been part of our lives for over 15 years. We met through St Paul's church when I began working with MaryAnne, Roy's wife, on RCIA. This Wednesday, Mary Anne called to tell us that Roy had passed away from the pancreatic cancer he had been fighting for just over 2 months.
  • Roy was a jovial guy. His white hair and beard along with his great smile had little kids call him Santa.
  • He loved movies and TV . You name the movie, he most likely had it on beta, vhs or dvd. Just ask Matthew. When Matthew, my son, was in elementary school, he spent days in Roy's basement putting the media type , name of movie and location into a spreadsheet on Roy's computer. That was the same computer Nick and I took Mary Anne to buy for Roy and then put together. Now that was a funny night.
  • Off course lots of what we did with Roy and Mary Anne revolved around food. We would try different restaurants - most of which were BYOB- which meant we also got to try a different bottles of wine. We went to different Parish picnics and ate BBQ. They attended Theresa and Andrew's wedding. Then of course, there was Roy and Mary Anne's annual Christmas gathering. More food , good friends and Scotch.
  • Roy was also a die-hard NY Ranger fan. It didn't matter what the weather was like Roy would trek into to the City to cheer on his team.
  • The other thing Roy loved to do with MaryAnne was travel. They visited the Baltic states, Hong Kong, Italy, Turkey, Greece and loved going to Florida and California. The Day family vacations were the best. He took awesome photos that made you feel like you were there right along with them.
Thank you Roy for your friendship. You blessed our lives.

Every day is a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Dee..Just catching up on you and learning about yet another loss. SO sorry to hear about your dear friend. Thinking if you...Julie

Obsessedwithlife said...

I'm really sorry to hear this. Thinking of you,