Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tough Entry

Well I have kept my last few entries to OC facts and info. But I think I can finally write about what the past few days has been like.
Yesterday I attended the wake of Emma, the 5 year old daughter of a young lady I taught about 10 years ago. Her mother,Elizabeth, is the same age as my daughter and her sister Anna is the same age as my son. Elizabeth,Terry,Matt and Anna were all good friends in elementary school. Elizabeth recalled the fun times they used to have on half-days when I would have teacher meetings and her Mom would watch the kids at her house. Elizabeth was incredibly strong yesterday and over the past few years. Emma was a happy, pretty little girl who brought joy to everyone. It saddens me that during her short 5 years she spent so much time in various cancer treatments. Emma was / is an Angel!

At the end of last week I learned that Cindy O , who is a member of the ACOR Ovarian listserv, was entering hospice. She is known for her Teal Shoes and great sense of humor. She answered lots of my questions when I was first diagnosed and has helped so many other women. Cindy's son attends Virginia Tech so we e-mailed back and forth a few times last April.

I have to get used to having some OC survivors in my life for only a short time but I am stilled blessed by each and every one of them.

Then I got an e-mail from one of the men I became friends with at the LiveStrong Summit. Brian has really done an incredible amount of fund raising for the LAF in NJ. Well, he found a lump and is scheduled to see a doctor at CINJ tomorrow. I pray that that lump will be benign.

So it has not been a really fun couple of days. Thanks goodness things on the home front and wedding front are going smoothly.

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Brian Dowd said...

Dee - I love the new blog and thanks for the note on me. I will certainly remember the valet parking next time. It was strange to hear that I caught (whatever it is) too early. My wife and I were laughing since I certainly never thought I would hear that. Now we wait and see what happen March 24-26 when I have my color ultrasound at RWJ and then goes see Dr. Weiss again.

I will assume you got my email on the passing of Holly Young. What a big loss! She truly was one of the main inspirations I came back from the Summit and put so much time and effort into fighting cancer.

Along with Holly the other main inspirations for being so dedicated is YOU, John, Cynthia, Rachel, Julia, Linda and of course our man Joe.