Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Breathing a Sigh of Relief

Today was my 3 month visit with my gyn-onc at CINJ. My CA-125 bounced up in December and down in January. It didn't go back down totally to my November reading but down just the same. So this exam / visit was important to me. First her nurse came in and did the typical - medications, pain, fatigue, bowel and bladder questions. Then in came my doctor and the first thing she said to me ( After giving me a hug and discussing the Rutgers bowl game and the Giants so it really wasn't the first thing but the first medical thing) was "so your CA-125 was 18.7 in Dec then 17 in Nov so I call that stable". Now that sounded good to me. Then on to the complete physical.Not my favorite part of the visit but a necessity I know. Everything was good. She believes that the pain I had on my left side by my ribs was in fact muscular- (I seem to have a lot of that kind of pain) and probably caused by moving Grandma's stuff. Oh we talked about that too.
So I am free for 3 more months when I will have another exam and CT scan. OK time for the giant sigh of relief! And more wedding planning. And figuring out how to celebrate two years out of treatment in March.

Speaking of Grandma's stuff- we were back to the apartment on Monday cleaning out both bathrooms of all the misc stuff including rugs and toilet bowl covers.Then I started going through some stuff in the second bedroom. I found memorabilia and pictures from her and grandpa's trip to Italy in 1975 so I took it home . Today after the doctors I put it in a scrapebook and will bring it up the next time I see her.

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