Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A New Week

I spent the end of last week moving Matt into his new apartment in Blacksburg. Things went pretty smoothly I only wish the apartment was on the first floor and not the third. Boy , did I get a workout. I came home a bit bummed that Matt and Terry were away again.

Sunday night it was supposed to snow- 3-6 inches but on Monday morning I woke up to a light drizzle and no white stuff on the ground. Even though I am not teaching any more I still got the excited feeling that we would have a snow day.

I spent most of today(Tues) cleaning out drawers and organizing all of 2007 OC papers- insurance slips, bills , prescription receipts and articles that I printed out about clinical trials and new drugs. I sent off a small article I wrote for the Northern NJ NOCC newsletter. It was on the Omnibus bill that was signed into law and will support the Ovarian Cancer Control Plan and Johanna's Law- OC awareness and Education. Slowly but surely Congress is realizing that we need a screening test and education about this disease.

I only wish things were going better in NJ. Our work is cut out for us. I hope they reintroduce the law that will require insurers to cover a pelvic exam, ultrasound and CA-125 for women who are at risk or showing symptoms.

Speaking of CA-125 mine came back at 17 down a bit from last month and still normal. :o)

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