Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Research: Freezing Tumors, Faulty Dendritic cells and Platelets

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Wayne State University researchers found freezing ovarian cancer tumors improved survival rates in women with late stage disease who present with a small number of tumors. Twenty-one women were in the study ("Cryoablation of Metastatic Ovarian Cancer for Local Tumor Control: Improved Survival and Estimated Cost-Effectiveness, ) using cryoablation.

OC Progression and Dendritic Cells
Using mouse models Wistar Cancer Center researchers have found that a women's own dendritic cells may aid in the progression of malignant ovarian cancer cells into metastatic disease. The dendritic cells alert the immune system to threats but also suppress other anti-tumor cells from working properly. Researchers are already working on reprogramming RNA to restore these dendritic cells to their tumor fighting role.


Thrombocytosis ( high platelet levels) and high levels of interleikin -6 was associated with advanced disease and shortened survival . The study analyzed 619 patients with epithelial ovarian cancerand then looked at human samples and mouse models to study the mechanism of the thromobcytosis.

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