Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Loss of Another Teal Sister- Nicole

Just about a year ago I wrote the post It Really is About the Attitude . It was about Nicole Christison , my friend Larry's niece. I met her at his son's wedding. Nicole was battling ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer like mine but at the same time different. Instead of the serous epithelial type I had, Nicole had the small cell subtype. Small cell Ovarian Cancer is a rare disease which accounts for about .1% of all the ovarian cancers diagnosed.

Today I learned that Nicole lost her battle with cancer.She was 29. What a courageous battle she fought.

It is hard to explain how I feel right now. I am sad. And I am angry. Angry that another young vibrant life has been lost to this disease. Angry that we don't have a better understanding of this subtype. Angry that because the subtype is so rare that novel treatments and clinical trials to test those treatments are scarce.(Oncology review)

What can I do ? What can you do? Together we must raise awareness of all types of Ovarian Cancer and just as important we must fund research into all subtypes of the disease.
I will do this for Nicole.

Rest in Peace Nicole.

Every Day is a Blessing!


Pinkunderbelly said...

I'm so sorry for this loss. 29. Wow. While every life is precious, the young ones who fall victim to cancer really hit me hard. Thank you for sharing.

l'optimiste said...

I am so sorry for your loss. And I will carry on raising awareness too. It's so sad.

Momma Mack said...

I am very sorry for your loss... Nicole was very young... Yes we all must raise awareness of this terrible disease and the differences between the different types... They all need research to better detect and long term treatment allowing those that have it many years of happy living... Attitude is so very important...

Tina Petreshock said...


Was my daughters teacher for 2 years. Nicole was truly an angel on earth. She touched the hearts of everyone she met. Nicole not only taught our children their abc’s and 1,2,3’s she taught our child something that most teacher’s not even the best of teachers can teach she taught our children compassion, she taught our children too face difficult situations head on. Her memory will live on forever in the hearts of the 13 students that were in her class forever.

Dee said...

Thank you every one for your condolences.

Tina You are right - Nicole was an angel. She was also a courageous role model for all us.