Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celebrating Hope and Giving Back to The Cancer Institute of New Jersey

In July of 2005, I heard the words “ You have Stage 3 ovarian cancer”. My gynecologic- oncologist at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey ( CINJ) told me that I should not look at the survival statistics for ovarian cancer because statistics are just that statistics not individuals. Then she told me she would do her best to make me well.

Well, here we are in 2012 almost seven years later and the doctors at CINJ have made me well not just in 2005 but again in 2008. Currently, I am disease free. I am certain that taking part in the CINJ clinical trial lead by Dr. Lorna Rodriguez and the outstanding treatment and follow-up care by Dr. Darlene Gibbon has made the good health I experience today possible.

In the past I have asked you to donate to other organizations in support of ovarian cancer awareness and research. This year during the month of February, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in New Jersey, I am asking you to directly support the ovarian cancer research that is taking place at CINJ by donating to the Cancer Institute of NJ Foundation through my personal fundraising campaign. I hope to raise $5000 so the doctors and scientists can continue their research to better understand ovarian cancer, develop new treatments and find a cure .

As a special thank-you, I will mail a note card of my painting called “Hope” to the first forty-five donors. You can see a photo of the note card on my donor page at . If you prefer you may also go to that page and print out a form and mail in your donation.

Thank you in advance for your donation.



PS- The relative five year survival rate for late stage ovarian cancer is 30%. )

Every Days is a Blessing!

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