Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ixabepilone and Sunitinib - Pre-Clinical trial results

After producing a new cell line of chemotherapy-resistant ovarian cancer cells, researchers at the Mayo Clinic used the combination of Ixabepilone and Sunitinib to treat the cells. The Ovarian Cancer cells exhibited a 70% cell death when the combination was used. Researchers believe that the drugs activate the molecule RhoB which leads to cell death.

Drug info:
Ixabepilone - IXEMPRA is produced by Bristol Myers Squibb and is FDA approved for metastatic breast cancer. Ixempra attaches itself to the tubes inside cancer cells that are used during the replication and division of the cells.

Sunitinib - Sutent is produced by Pfizer and is approved for Kidney Cancer, GIST and some forms of pancreatic cancer. Sutent is a kinase inhibitor that interfers with cancer cell reproduction and the formation of blood vessels by the cancer cells.

Abstract of the article may be found here.

This is an interesting line of research on serous ovarian cancer . I look forward to hearing about the first human studies.

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