Friday, December 9, 2011

ASCO Blueprint for Research

"We can no longer think of cancer as one disease"
Michael P Link, President of ASCO

That is the reason why ASCO ( American Society of Clinical Oncologists) has published a blueprint to transform clinical and translational cancer research.

The ASCO Vision includes :

"Defining Cancer Based on Characteristics, Not Solely by Location in the Body, Molecularly-Driven Diagnostic and Therapeutic Development, More Robust Biomarkers, New methods of Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment"

I also agree with the recommendation that there be more collaboration on the development of therapeutic agents, a focus on smarter, smaller more focused ( molecularly) clinical trials and the use of electronic medical records.

It is an interesting read and I highly recommend it.

Don't take my word for it, download Accelerating Progress Against Cancer at

I'm curious to see what you think.

Every Day is a Blessing.

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