Sunday, April 25, 2010

A wonderful Saturday Morning in Philly

Early yesterday morning I drove to Philadelphia to walk in the Sandy Sprint 5K for the Sandy Rollman Foundation- which raises funds and awareness of ovarian cancer. I met up with my friends, the Lopez family to walk as Team JLO in memory of their wife and mother and my friend, Janice Lopez.

The day started out cool ( 50 degrees) but the sky was the perfect shade of blue. The walk took place in Fairmount Park ( a must see spot in Philly) . The walk started in front of the Touch Me Museum. Across the street from the museum was the registration area, a kids zone and exhibits by different organizations such as Fox Chase, The Phillies & Force.

My favorite stop was the survivor tent. They handed us special gifts, offered us yoga and massage and even a table where you could make a beaded bracelet. I got a chance to meet other survivors - some young , some more mature but all wearing our teal t-shirts and happy to be there to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer research . We spoke to each about how long since we were diagnosed , about our husbands and their support , the love of our children and where we were treated. I was amazed at how many women showed up on the steps of the museum to have a group photo. Some women were diagnosed 10+ years ago and some wearing scarves were diagnosed just months ago and were still in chemo.

I understand that close to $150,000 was raised yesterday to help "Women of Teal". Thank you Sandy Rollman Foundation , Robin Cohen and Adriana Way founders and the hundreds of volunteers for such a wonderful event.

Every Day is a Blessing !

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Daria said...

I like the look of your blog ...

I'll be in Philly on Friday for a Breast Cancer Conference ... can hardly wait.