Thursday, April 22, 2010

Suggestion Box

I like to follow ovarian cancer related research. This need to read medical journals must come from my years as a research engineer in household product and toothpaste research.

The most recent study I read in the American Journal of Clinical Research was about meat, fish and ovarian cancer risk. This study went back to the results of 2 different population-base control studies in Australia with over 4000 subjects . The conclusion was that low consumption of processed meats and high consumption of white meat and fish will reduce a women's risk for ovarian cancer.

A statement released by the Center that completed the study said "... researchers are still not sure how diet affects . “There are many theories, but there is no evidence yet. Processed meat contains compounds that could damage and thereby cause cancer. On the other hand, the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are thought to be good for health in many ways and may possess anti-cancer properties.” " So in essence we should follow the guidelines issued by the USDA- remember the food pyramid- more white meats, fish and veggies and less processed and red meats. I'm good with that.

So why did I call this entry Suggestion Box?I wish sometimes that I could suggest to doctors what type of studies to run. ( Dr G will smile if she reads this.) Plus the American Association for Cancer Research held their annual meeting this week so there is an increase in the release of cancer research results. Here are my suggestions for OC research:

I have a hypothesis that there is a link between ovarian cancer and thyroid disease. I have meet a number of Ovarian Cancer survivors like myself who have had thyroid issues- benign adenomas, cancer or hyperthyroidism. Lets follow a group of women who have thyroid disease and monitor them more closely for Ovarian Cancer along with monitoring a group of women with normal thyroid function for OC. We might also be able to get information if we looked at large studies like the nurses study and see how many women with thyroid disease also had an OC diagnosis .

Still in the area of hormones. (The thyroid produces thyroid hormones and controls metabolism.) I imagine a study in which women with estrogen positive epithelial ovarian cancer tumors are assigned to a group that either receives tamoxifen after completion of treatment or receives a placebo. Tamoxifen is prescribed for breast cancer survivors. Why not look at it for ovarian cancer survivors.

Lastly I'd love MD Andersen to continue its work on stress and ovarian cancer.

If only I had the $ and personnel to design & run a study.

Any one else out there want to share the studies they would like to see? I am sure that I will continue reading research reports.

Every Day is a Blessing !


Cheryl said...

Can anyone provide a recommendation for a doctor that treats ovarian cancer that has traveled to the lungs? I've been at the Cancer Institute of NJ for three years and would like another opinion on treatment options. Thank you in advance.

Dee said...

Hi Cheryl
Since I have only been treated at CINJ,I can only make these recommendations based on what I have heard from other women and research that is being done.

I would look to be seen at another NCI comprehensive cancer center like CINJ.

If you want to stay local for a 2nd opinion you might try Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan or heading to Philly - University of Penn, or Fox Chase.
Willing to travel? You might want to check the websites for MD Andersen or the Mayo clinic. All those centers are on the list.

Lastly you can look at the NIH - depending on the morphology of your cancer or if you are BRCA1/2 they may have clinical trial available for you to take part in.
Hope that helps.