Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weather and angst about medical tests

For those of you not in the northeast right now we are experiencing the second snowstorm in a week. Central NJ is scheduled to get 12-15+ inches of snow - on top of the 3 inches that didn't melt from the last storm. Above is a photo of the Edison Township plow clearing our street at 3pm.

My day today was supposed to start with my 6 month CT scan. To prep for the scan I would need to drink "ReadiCat" a barium liquid the night before and again the morning of. This liquid is not too pleasant tasting and tends to clean out my system. The prep is the kind of thing I would not what to do and then not reap the benefits of - like getting the scan. So I was getting nervous about what to do. Not knowing what this storm - Blizzard is the term now used by the National Weather Service - would bring I called the radiology group. The woman at the Radiology group thought postponing was a "really good idea". My instincts and the Weather Channel report said she was right so I postponed my scan until Friday morning.

You would link I would be ecstatic- not really. I am still nervous and short tempered. I hate waiting. I had gotten myself all prepared for the test. My veins are bad and this group will not access my port for the contrast so I must get it through an IV. UGHHH.

The good thing is that I like snow. My backyard is beautiful. The trees are coated. And I love how warm and cozy it is inside. Still, Friday can't come soon enough.

Every Day is a Blessing! Today I am blessed to be in a nice warm home with pretty views of the snow fall.

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