Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The BEAT Campaign

A friend, fellow survivor and blogger Sandhy wrote on her blog about the OVACOME campaign- BEAT. OVACOME is a UK-wide support network providing information for those affected by ovarian cancer. Their site offers lots of info and support for healthcare providers, caregivers and survivors in the UK. (By the way - Ovarian cancer Awareness month in the UK is next month - March.).
Sandhy mentioned a friend's auction to raise funds for OVACOME and the BEAT campaign to help women recognize the signs of ovarian cancer. The info below is taken directly from her site.


B is for BLOATING - persistent, and doesn't come and go

E is for EATING - difficult eating, and feeling full more quickly

A is for ABDOMINAL - abdominal and pelvic pain felt most days

T is for TALK - to your doctor

This is definitely an easy acronym to remember - especially for those of us with chemo-brain when words sometimes escape us. Thanks to our TEAL sisters across the Atlantic for coming up with neat way of remembering symptoms.

Every Day is a Blessing!


Jennifer said...

I LOVE this! How creative! This definitely has the potential to stick... it's easy to remember and can get women talking. I will be posting this to my OC blog...thank you so much for sharing!

l'optimiste said...

hey Dee! Nice one - thanks for spreading the word...I think March is going to involve a lot of copy/pasting :o)