Monday, February 15, 2010

Teal Wings Of Hope - A New NJ Foundation

Today I learned about a new Ovarian Cancer Foundation in NJ. In August 2009, Teal Wings of Hope was founded by Karen Nuels and Jim Baldinger. Both Karen and Jim lost their loved ones to Ovarian Cancer.
The mission of Teal Wings of Hope is "... to educate and promote awareness of Ovarian Cancer and provide support for all people touched by the disease."

For Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in NJ (February) the foundation is having a fundraiser:
February 20, 2010
at the
At the German-American Society
215 Uncle Pete's Road
Trenton, NJ 08691-3733

Ticket cost is $25
For tickets: Karen Neuls 609-213-9508 or Krystal Gadsby 609-571-5012
Check out their website for auction items.

I am pleased that the are more NJ residents raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer. Thanks Karen and Jim.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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