Friday, February 12, 2010


Today was CT day. I drank the ReadiCAT ( Barium is a key ingredient) last night around 8 pm and then again at 7:45 this morning. Then it was off to URG for my scan.

My doctor had ordered a chest, abdomen and pelvic CT scan. I was called in right on time. (That is one of the reasons I like the Metuchen location so much.) Next, I signed the consent form for the iodine contrast. Iodine can cause some serious allergic reactions but is used to help better show up the organs during the scan. Then it was drink a bit more of the ReadiCAT.

After laying down on the table and telling the nurse that my veins were not good, she went to work. She checked both arms, she did the tap- tap on my arm, swabbed the area and hit the vein in my left arm on the first shot. Here technique was perfect with just a bit of a sting. Then the scans began. This machine had a very ordinary sounding gentleman who told me to "Take a deep breath. And hold......Continue breathing". I do miss the machine with the instructions said with a British accent. The table I was laying on moved slowly through the machine. The first scans were done without the contrast. Then the nurse came out and set the contrast to be injected. As it is being injected the first thing you notice is an odd taste in your mouth then an interesting warm feeling occurs. When the injection is complete , the second set of scans. I waited about two minutes in the waiting area and then I was called up to get the CD containing my scan images. My doctor with get the radiologist report early next week. The image above is not the actual machine I used but the one I used was similar.

This is my 11th scan in less than 5 years. Since my tumor marker( CA-125) remains normal even with cancer present, the best way to see if my cancer is back or not is to have a CT scan.Yeah, I know lots of radiation issues but unless a better screening test comes along this is the only best method available to me. I am hoping that when I get the report next week everything will be clear. I'll just need to keep busy between now and then.

Every Day is a Blessing! I am blessed by a husband who has been with me for each and every one of these scans.

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