Friday, September 11, 2009

Ovarian Cancer Bill introduced in House - contact your Congressman

Info from OCNA:

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Resolution Introduced in House
Contact your Representative and request their support!

The National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Resolution (H. RES. 727) was introduced in the House of Representatives expressing support for the ovarian cancer community. The lead sponsors of this Resolution are Mr. Israel (D-NY), Mrs. DeLauro (D-CT), Mr. Burton (R-IN), and Mr. Issa (R-CA).

We need many cosponsors to sign onto this bi-partisan Resolution to show the strength of the ovarian cancer community and spread awareness to the American public.

Ask your Representative to support Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by clicking "Take Action" in the top right hand corner or clicking "Go" below. To make the message more personal, please add a sentence or two after the first paragraph about why this resolution and/or ovarian cancer awareness is important to you.



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