Friday, September 25, 2009

Murphy's Trip back to Virginia

When my son broke his collar bone last month, Nick and I drove down to see him. Being in a brace and unable to move his right arm made it difficult for him to take care of his dog, Murphy. Murphy is a beagle / hound mix Matt adopted from the local pound . Being the dog lovers that we are , we took Murphy home with us. He spent the next 4 weeks having fun playing with our neighbors dogs, chasing the bunny rabbits in the back yard and running up and down the steps trying to keep his rope toy and a tennis ball in his mouth at the same time. With tennis courts at the end of our block,we had a steady supply of toys for him. Murph dog was a fun guest to have visit- even if it did meant we had to cut our Rutgers football tailgating short. With Matt healing and feeling stronger we knew we would have to return Murphy to his home in Blacksburg.

So on Thursday we left early in the morning and headed to Blacksburg. On the way down we stopped at our usual Mc Donalds at exit 298 off of interstate 81. We went through the drive-up window and ordered figuring we would eat in the car and then take Murphy for a walk. When we drove up to the window to pay they saw Murphy in the back seat and handed us some dog bones along with our change. That was really nice of them. Since it was a nice day we decided that instead of eating in the car we would eat at the outside tables they have. A gentleman wearing a McDonald's shirt walked by us to go inside then came back out and asked if we needed water for our dog. Very nice indeed. Murphy drew a lot of attention as people said how cute he was and how well behaved he was. I couldn't agree more.

Murphy was so excited when he walked into the apartment and saw Matt!

Every Day is a Blessing!

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