Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Evening of Surprises at my Seton Hall University Talk

Late yesterday afternoon I drove up to Seton Hall University in South Orange NJ. This would be the second time I would tell my Ovarian Cancer story "Woman of Teal" to the student nurses and staff at the nursing school. I met with my cousin Marion, a Dean of the Nursing School, in her office and we walked into the room where I was giving my talk.
There on the left side of the room was my cousin Judy, her daughter Brittany and a family friend Agnes. They knew my story but came to support me just the same.

Then as we were setting up the computer and projector, in walked a former student of mine from St Joe's. Paul is a junior at Seton Hall and the last time we saw each other was at the Livestrong Challenge in Philly - he rode over 70 miles. He couldn't stay but I was pleased that he took the time to stop by and chat.

Then there was a tap on my shoulder and there stood my nephew Kevin. He and Alycia had moved to Kentucky in July but he travels back to NJ occasionally to work on the medical helicopter and with the Jets ( yes - those JETS!). We've spoken on the phone but this is the first time I saw him since they moved.WOW! And all this before I even started to talk.

I think the talk went well. The students and staff asked questions when I was done. Most questions were medical related and then one of the nursing instructors asked "How do you do it? How do you stay positive when you know the cancer can come back?" I thought a moment and said," I have a wonderful family and great friends to support me and that I truly believe that every day is a blessing " And that is the truth.


Every Day is a Blessing. And I had lots of special surprise blessing at my talk.

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l'optimiste said...

way to go Dee. I wish I could do that!