Sunday, September 13, 2009

From Cancer Crusader

I get the weekly affirmations from Cancer Crusader and thought I would share this part with you.

And now begin to really live. No prissy, half-hearted living like you were living before. That wasn't really living, and that you doesn't exist anymore. No putting off dreams until tomorrow. Carpe diem. Carpe diem. Carpe that diem now.

Go live your life. Become who you know you're supposed to be. No holding back this time.

In the words of Walt Whitman, "Now voyager,
sail thou forth to seek and find."

And don't you dare say it's too late. If you're reading this, it's not too late. It's only too late for the people who didn't wake up this morning.

Live out loud. Be outrageous. Love fiercely. Laugh and cry at the sheer beauty of it all. And thank whatever god you believe in that you have
another chance to get it right.

Every day, you get another chance.

If you want to read more about Roger and Cathy Crowthan and Cancer Crusader check them out online.


Every Day is a Blessing!


l'optimiste said...

great post!!

Daria said...

Needed that inspiration today ... thanks.