Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One down Five to go

My first chemo treatment at CINJ went very smoothly. I started pre-meds at 9:30am , did a slow titration of Taxol ( so I wouldn't get that dreaded reaction) and finished up with the Carboplatin. I was done at 2:00 and was home by 2:30. My nurse Vicki was great and short visits by my doctor, the two nurse practicioners in the group and the social worker who facilitates my support group at CINJ, made the time go quickly. Except for the headache I woke up this morning ( I think related to the incoming storm) I felt good otherwise. The three tylenols my doctor ordered help to take the edge off of the headache. The good news is that my CA-125 is already down to 39 so I hope it will come in the normal range and down to single digits by the 3rd treatment.

I may not be posting for the next few days. If I follow true to form from my first treatmens in 2005 I will be sleeping most of the time. But one never knows this time could be different.

By the way did you see the great news that a team of scientists from Princeton collaborated with a group of research doctors at CINJ to isolated a breast cancer gene present in patients whose cancer is most likely to spread. Click here for the press release from CINJ.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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