Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Allow Me to Digress

Yesterday I got some energy back. I took a trip out to the store to pick up some things and was able to get the Jan issue of Southern Living Magazine. I know I try to keep most of my entries OC related so here is where I digress.

I have started to feel down about not having my children close by. Terry and Andy are in OK with little silly Silvio pup and Matt is leaving today to go back to Blacksburg. And I was feeling physically spent and ached from my first treatment. After watching some TV last night I started reading the magazine. Half way through there was an article. " Wide Open In West Texas" about western TX 200 miles or so east of El Paso. It brought back so many memories of our June trip to bring Terry and Andy back to El Paso. We passed through miles of dessert between Pecos and Van Horn on Route 10 that was just incredibly beautiful - desolate but beautiful. We had not actually passed through Marathon on which the article was written. But it was great to read what the residents said about living with so much space. " Out here you can just Breathe" and " In the openness you suddenly feel creative". And then it hit me. Why don't I think of these chemo rough patches as a time to breathe. Don't stress just Breathe and just see what happens.

Who would think that a magazine article would have such a profound affect. I can Breathe.


Every is a Blessing!

PS the image above is one I took on Route 10 by Pecos, Tx

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