Monday, January 19, 2009

Livestrong Global Campaign Launched

Today I received this e-mail:

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) has worked hard to make cancer a national priority in the United States. While we still have many challenges to address in the cancer fight, we've made significant progress domestically.

As a result of the work of the LAF and the cancer community throughout the 2008 campaign, President-elect Barack Obama committed to double funding for cancer research and pledged to renew the war against cancer.We'll continue to fight cancer in the U.S., but cancer is a leading cause of death around the world. Our mission hasn't changed; it's just gotten bigger.

The LAF will join with partners, organizations and world leaders to help end the stigma of cancer, build an international grassroots movement and secure meaningful commitments from world leaders to fight cancer in their countries.

I'm ready to get involved.

I'd like to follow along.

Combined with Lance Armstrong's return to professional cycling, the LAF hopes to raise awareness and secure commitments around the world as he races in international events. Each country's commitment will focus on specific issues and concerns in their community, and will be aligned with one of the 2020 targets outlined in the World Cancer Declaration.

The LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign will kick off this week in Australia as Lance races in the Tour Down Under from January 18–25. Australia is an important country in the fight against cancer. By 2010 cancer will be the #1 killer globally. In Australia, cancer is already the leading cause of death. We have no time to waste. We hope you'll join us in making cancer a global priority.

Are you ready?

I'm ready to get involved.
Join us and make a commitment to fight cancer around the world.

I'd like to follow along.
Keep up with the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign, the Lance Armstrong Foundation and news about Lance as he races and raises cancer awareness around the world.


Doug Ulman
President and CEO, Lance Armstrong Foundation

Now for some good News on the homefront , my niece's mother-in-law's surgery went well this morning.



Every Day is a Blessing!

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