Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jan 27, from Chemo recliner at CINJ to hospital bed at RWJUH

The past few days have been busy and interesting to say the least.
Jan 27~
Thursday I arrived at 7:45 at CINJ for chemo number 2. They accessed my port and I went to see Doctor Gibbon. I was happy that my CA-125 was down to 18, white, red and platelets were good and the physical exam was good. Back I went to the treatment area . I started to use Emend to prevent the nausea I had last time and also used the other premeds. I got through my titrated taxol( 3 + hours) with no problems. Did the flush in between and started the carboplatin.Roughly halfway through the half hour dosage ~ 12 minutes, I felt light headed and flushed. ( This was my 11th carboplatin infusion and up to that point had no side effects.)I looked up out of chair number 1 ( which is right across from the nurses station) and said "Carla things are not right" .She ran over and immediately stopped the drip purged the line while the other nurses called the pharmacists and my doctor and the nurse practitioner. They gave me various IV drugs but I was still short of breath , had chest pressure and sharp pain in my chest by my sternum. They did an EKG that was abnormal so Dr Rodrgiuez took the results across the street to RWJUH and came back with the 2 cardiologists who thought it best to admit me.

So an ambulance was called around 3:15 and literally drove me across the street. I stayed in the emergency room until a bed on 4 north 6 opened up around 9:30 pm. Nick visited a short time and then alycia and Kevin stayed until I was in a room. Lucky for me that brought some food for me to eat. (Thanks guys.) While in the emergency room it was decided that I should have an cardiac catheteritization on Wednesday. They discussed the stress that the carbo played on my heart and the need to check if I had any blockages and also to check enzyme levels and how my muscle was functioning so I stayed overnight.

Jan 28
I slept good through the night and at 10:30 they moved me to the catheterization department. Dr Burns ran the test and found no blockages -HURRAH- with no need to isert any stents. The heart muscle looked good to him too. So after waiting a half hour with pressure on the femoral artery they moved me back to the 4th floor. I had a heavy pack on the incision and waited 4 hours before I could get out of bed. It was not a difficult procedure. I guess I was more worred about what chemos that would be next on the agenda. Since I was still had a rash from the carbo on my back and chest they decided to leave me overnight .

Jan 29
I was examined by the cardiac nurse practicioner and my gyn onc this morning .They felt I was strong enough to go home . It helped that I wasn't nauseaus ( thank goodness for that.) There was a small discusion of cis-platin over a long infusion time ( up to 24 hours) or possibly doxil for my next round. I have time over the next two weeks to discuss the next steps with my doctors.

I am so pleased with the speed and concern with which my doctors Rodriguez, Nieves, Gibbon, and the treatment nurses Carla etc at CINJ reacted to my incident. Thanks to the RWJ Paramedics Dan and Jessica for the smooth - short ride to the hospital. The quick response of Drs DeMoss, Su and Burns to check out my heart. and lastly I also would like to thank the nurses on 4 North at Robert wood University Hospital for all their help and concern.

Every Day is a Blessing and I have most certainly been blessed these past few days.


I will probably not post over the next few days- they are my very tired days. But I just wanted every one know that I was home and doing well.

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l'optimiste said...

wow - such excitement! I'm glad you're ok. Isn't it great to have such wonderful people looking after you?

I hope you're up and at 'em soon :o)