Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kona 1995-2008

On Monday, we lost our family pet Kona to congestive heart failure. Kona was a pug who brought us 13 + years of joy.

After returning from a family trip to Hawaii in 1995 we decided to get a dog. My kids loved the movie "Milo and Otis" a tale of a pug nosed pup. When we saw Kona in the puppy store we thought his fawn coloring reminded us of coffee with cream so we named him after the famous Kona Coffee from the big island of Hawaii.
Kona enjoyed watching TV. Any time we put on an animal show he would bark at whatever animal was on TV. We never watched the Westminster Kennel Club show in its entirety because he barked at every breed- big or small. He was great with Terry and Matt and all their friends ( except maybe Jason) and would bark at visitors until they stooped down to pet him.

Kona was a great companion whose black mask slowly changed to gray. Back in 2005 when I was recovering from surgery and having chemo Kona was always at my side. If I was upstairs in the bedroom - he would sleep by my side of the bed. If I was in the kitchen he would sit under the table. When I returned from the hospital last month he began again the ritual of staying by my side. If I was in the family room he would be right next to my chair.

Dogs are man's best friend and Kona was our family's best friend.


Every Day is a Blessing


Eileen said...

Kona is a lovely dog!! Congratulations to have such an amazing pet.

Brian Dowd said...

Dee - sorry for your family's loss.