Monday, December 22, 2008

CT scan Number 10

Today I had the 10th CT scan of my life. ( May it really is the 30th since I have a chest , abdomen and then pelvic scan done every time I go for a scan.) This scan will provide the next baseline for my treatment which starts in January. I wasn't able to get an appointment at CINJ to access my port but Jean a nurse in radiology had time to accessed my port so I didn't have to have an IV for contrast. I had the scans and immediately knew something was different. When Theresa came in to start my contrast I asked her what happened to the "british" accent for the voice that tells you when to hold your breath. (I 've written about this voice in the past.) . Well it turns out the voice had an Australian accent not british and was the voice of the technician who installed the 128 slice machine.It seems that lots of people were confused when the voice said"Carry on breathing". So they switched it to a very "American" voice( that of the technician who services the machine now) that tells you to "take a deep breath" and then "continue breathing" . When the scan was complete, Margaret who was the nurse who helped with my PET scan, came in to flush the lines and remove my access needle. The scan took a little longer but the care was wonderful. I gave both Theresa and Margaret a hug and told them "Merry Christmas" and that I would see them in 3 months.

Then Nick and I went to the RWJH cafeteria for a bite to eat. At the entrance to the cafeteria was the decoration shown above. The Hospital ran a contest where departments decorated their door. The tree is made up of plastic forks, knives and spoons. Pretty neat! The winning door had a large Grinch which spoke as you walked by , a Christmas tree and stockings with the photos of all the people in the department. What a festive door!


Every Day is a Blessing!

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