Monday, December 29, 2008

A good pre-chemo Doctor Visit and RU Bowl Game

Today I met with Dr Rodriguez my gynecological-oncologist and her nurse practicioner Mary Jane. I got the good news that my CT scan from last week showed no signs of disease. Hurrah! The physical exam results were also good so all we needed to go over was my chemo schedule. I'll have carbo and taxol again with the standard pre-meds. I will have chemo every 21 days and after 3 cycles I will have another CT. Since I don't have any visible disease right now we will follow the drop in CA-125 to know I am getting a response. CA-125 is normally elevated after abdominal surgery so we should see a pretty nice drop after my first treatment. I will have to deal with the hair loss, fatigue, drop in blood counts and neuropathy that comes with the chemo mix I am taking.

I will spend the afternoon watching the PapaJohn' Bowl game. I am a Rutgers alum so I will be cheering on the Scarlet Knights. Wish I could have been in Alabama for the Bowl.

Upstream Red Team!


Every Day is a Blessing!

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