Monday, June 16, 2014

A Woman's Health Interview

I was interviewed a few months ago by a writer for A Woman's Health Magazine. She wrote an article called "Committed to Community" about my advocacy work. Click here to read the article. And please take the time to read the entire Special Section on Ovarian Cancer. The magazine did a great job highlighting ovarian cancer.

Every Day is a Blessing!


Karen Herrmann said...

I enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing! I am curious however if it is common that only the ovaries be removed and not both ovaries and fallopian tubes. I had my ovaries removed and ended up having fallopian tube cancer two years later. Most of what I have read recommend having both removed as being the routine proceedure, but I noticed it is often not worded that way.

Dee said...

Hi Karen

Thanks for your comment. In most cases for ovarian cancer the surgery includes removing the uterus,ovaries, fallopian tubes and for complete debulking the oomentum is removed. The cervix may also be removed as well as some lymph nodes.

If the ovarian cancer is early stage ( contained in one ovary only) and the woman is young the doctor may decide to leave the non-cancerous ovary.

Karen said...

I realize I did not clarify that when I had my ovaries removed it was because of my BRCA status(prophylactically)...THEN I was diagnosed fallopian tube cancer. In this case the Dr was an OB/GYN and was not up on the recommended procedure as a Gyn-Onc would have been

Woman Health said...

Nice article thanks for sharing