Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Question for Ovarian Cancer Survivors

I am helping my gynecologic oncologist in developing a research project. I hope my readers who have been  diagnosed with ovarian cancer will take a moment to respond to the following question.

Would you be willing to allow your ovarian cancer tumor to be genetically profiled in order to identify a personalized therapy for your tumor? Yes  or No 
Feel free to comment further on your response.   

You may leave your answer in the comment section below or you may e-mail me your answer at womenofteal@gmail.com.

Thanks for your help!

Every Day is a Blessing !


Maggie H. said...

I would love to but my gynecological oncologist tells me that my tumor is right near my spine and therefore cannot be biopsied. I understand the biopsy is necessary to get tissue.

Dee said...

Thanks Maggie for responding. And yes you must be able to access the tissue.

Karen Herrmann said...

yes...I think that with my recent exploritory surgery (Mar 12 this year) they may have done that. I am still getting bills, etc and recently got one from a lab Precision Therapeutics explaining that they were requested to perform the BioSpeciFx test. Is that still something that would be useful?

Dee said...

Karen ,
Thanks for responding.
From what I read about the Precision Therapeutics BioSpecifx test it appears that they look for a handful of more common mutations found in solid gyn cancer tumors. Your doctor can use that info along with the ChemFX ( which tests various chemo's ) test to develop the best treatment plan for you.

Susan said...

I would love to know.

Dee said...

Thanks for responding Susan .

Anne Criscitiello said...

I would definitely be on board with this - BTW I have been on Avastin for over 2 1/2 years and renain NED after 1 reoccurance -I have heard there may be a genetic link to why Avastin works for some and not for others so add my BIG Yes to your question. Anne Criscitiello