Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"The c Card and Me" - a review

In the past 7 years as a cancer survivor, I've read a number of books on cancer, how to survive cancer and cancer survivor stories. Some like " The Emperor of All Maladies ", "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" and " The Light Within~The Extraordinary Friendship of a Doctor and Patient Brought Together by Cancer" were outstanding. I learned from them. Or as I read them it was like being in my support group. Someone understood me and what I was going through. 

Other books I read though didn't offer me anything I didn't already know. They seemed to be too negative about the situation ( not that having cancer isn't tough) and offered me no hope.Or the authors just seemed to spend time talking about how great an experience it was for them without being realistic about those tough decisions that need to be made.  Or they included experiences I didn't have or situations I would never put myself in. 

When I first heard about the book "The c Card and Me" a few weeks ago I wondered how helpful the book would be.

So I received a copy and over the past two days I read the book written by Stage IV cancer survivor , Ali Gilmore.  Ali 's advice is right on and how she delivers it mimics how the ladies in my support group talk to each other- sometimes firm, many times with humor and always with compassion. 

The book title uses a little c because "Cancer is no more than a bully...refuse to give it credence... I use a lowercase letter, I imagine it shrinking in strength.". Ali offers advice about how to ask questions and how useful a port is. I had some pain with my initial port which differs from Ali but people are different and respond to pain and treatments differently.  The book describes the importance of hydration, how to ask for help with things around the house as well is with those pesky insurance issues as well as other issues important to cancer patients . The book offers hope too with a chapter "Do What you Love and The Healing Will Follow". 

I highly recommend this book for the newly diagnosed or currently in treatment.  Go to Amazon and order yourself a copy. 

For me I wish I could meet Ali Gilmore. I think we would have some great, and funny conversations. Wonder how she feels about IV poles? 

Every Day is a Blessing!


Ali Gilmore said...

Dear Dorinda,
Thanks so much for your review of my book, The C Card and Me. I'm so glad you found it useful and that you enjoyed the humor in it. I have a feeling we will meet one day, swap some stories and hopefully by then I'll be able to tell you what I think of IV poles without shouting too many expletives~

All the best,


Karen Herrmann said...

Sounds like you and I are going through a similar situation...I was just diagnosed with reoccurance after 27 months off treatment. I start chemo again Monday. I will definately get this book. This is actually my third occurance (Breast in 2004, Fallopian tube in 2010 and now activity in the abdominal cavity - not in organs, probably in omentum). I am a glass half full person and this book sounds great. I will follow you and see how you are doing, too. Best of luck - I know the waiting is aweful. I told my husband that what I invisioned it was going to be was so much worse that it is...I had visions of lighting up like a Christmas tree, so a couple of tiny spots, I can handle.
Karen Herrmann