Monday, October 29, 2012


Sandy is currently about 250 miles off the coast of New Jersey. Meteorologists expect landfall in Atlantic City less than 100 miles from where I live in Mercer County.

My husband and I are prepared as best we can. We had a run at this preparedness last year during Hurricane Irene. We took in the patio furniture, bought water and food, have batteries and matches and a battery powered radio. Our cell phones are charged.We've gathered up important papers and are ready to take ourselves to the 2nd floor if the retention pond behind our home floods. I am taking pictures and will post after the storm.

The wind is kicking up and we are having some heavy downpours. Right now the power is still on but I am guessing that won't be the case later tonight.

Praying that my family and friends stay safe. Will update when I am able.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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