Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OC Awareness Month - A Woman of Teal's Story

As Ovarian Cancer Month begins I wanted share an e-mail I received from a friend and fellow survivor ,Pam. Please read her story and share her message.

As September (Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month)is almost here, I have decided to let you know the reason why I Share my Story.
I share my story because I have joined the sisterhood of ovarian cancer survivors. I share my story because I like so many other women who have endured the shock of having cancer, battling cancer with the surgeries and chemotherapy treatments and the continual fear of cancer recurring have a story to tell. I share my story so that women of all ages are reminded of how important it is to always be aware of the very subtle warning signs of ovarian cancer. I share my story in the hope that if you do experience unusual symptoms (bloating, pelvic, or abdominal pain, difficulty eating, feeling full quickly, and feeling a frequent or urgent need to urinate); you will seek medical attention even though you might be fearful of the results. I share my story so that we as a community can become better educated regarding the facts and correct treatments so that unnecessary risks are avoided. I share my story in the hope that these, actions offer you the opportunity of dramatically improving your chances for survival.

I share my story because after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage IIIC and enduring eighteen rounds of chemotherapy (three different drugs everyday), which I completed on August 2008 for the 3rd time. I am in remission again. I share my story so you can see that the check-ups every three to six months are still nerve-wracking. I share my story because it is comforting to know that I am being followed very closely. I share my story so that you will know that throughout this experience, there were so many things in my life that helped me to remain strong and positive; support from friends, family, co-workers, doctors, nurses, and a husband who never left my side were the most significant.

I share my story so that people will know that I have gained so much information on this disease and continue to fund-raise for cancers that don't get much support. I share my story because I am excited about the new research in ovarian cancer which is leading us towards more effective screening tools and better treatment. I share my story because of the pain and sadness I have felt when I hear about Sisters who have lost their battle against this disease. I share my story because I have been overcome by fear and anxiety as I await results of blood work every six months, wondering if my cancer has come back. I share my story because as horrible as this disease is, I wouldn't trade anything for this journey. (I know that sounds cliche coming from a survivor, but it is true.) I share my story because I will continue to fight this monster called ovarian cancer and share my story so maybe someone else will have a chance of an early diagnosis, which will lead to a very long remission.
Help find a cure for "ALL" cancers... fundraiser to be
held at Leggetts on Nov 13, 2010. Details are at www.HopeForCancerNJ.Org

Every Day is a Blessing! I am blessed to have Pam ( and Ed) in my life.

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