Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do You Read "Conversations"?

Back in 2005 while I waited for my gyn -onc to give me the OK to have chemo, I picked up a newsletter. Conversations- the International Newsletter for those Fighting Ovarian Cancer was the first ovarian cancer publication I ever read. And I continue reading it to this day. ( Happy 17th Birthday Conversations!)

There are many helpful tips from other survivors, a calendar of events being held across the country and in June and December the issues are dedicated to long term survivor stories. I love those. But I think the best part of the newsletter is going to the inside page which lists survivors. Every July there is my name - Dee , NJ.

Thank you Don and family for continuing the publication Cindy started. You have touched the lives of many women.

For more info check out the Conversations website. Would you like a copy of the newsletter? Fill out the form on their website or contact Don at :

P.O. Box 7948
Amarillo, TX 79114-7948
United States of America

Phone: (210) 401-1604
Fax: (210) 247-6169

Every Day is a Blessing!

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