Thursday, October 29, 2009

Travelin' Mom

Last Thursday, I got on a plane at Newark airport for Manhattan. No not the Manhattan across the Hudson from NJ but Manhattan, Kansas- home of the Kansas State Wildcats and my daughter and her husband. We flew first to Dallas and then on a small American Eagle flight to Manhattan.

Walking down the ramp to the runway- it is a very small airport- I left my cares behind.

I even surprised myself. Outside of posting some info about the slashing of DOD funding for Ovarian cancer research I did not think of having cancer or what it is like to be a survivor or when my next appointment would be.

I enjoyed each regular old day. I walked Silvio their cute pug around the neighborhood. When Silvio found a snake skin on the road, I wondered what type of snakes they have in Kansas. I am pretty sure some are poisonous . We checked out the wildflowers, sunflowers, that grow on the edge of Theresa's property . I used the Kansas Birds book to identify a red hawk that was flying overhead. I haven't used one of those field guides since teaching at St Francis.We picked and carved pumpkins. Terry showed me how she roasts pumpkins seeds. MMMM good. I even tasted a local Manhattan beer- a pretty good stout with a name like Buffalo Sweat. I loved the sunset you can see from her large dining room window. But I did have to come back to NJ.

So, yesterday morning on our return flight from Manhattan ,the captain announced" We are first in line for take-off" . I chuckled. We were the only flight in line for take-off... actually we were the only commercial airplane at the airport. Did I say the MHK was a very small airport?It is nice to be in a place where you are the only flight in line or the only game in town.( When we flew out of Newark we were 18th in line. )

It is difficult at times having children who live so far away. (Thank goodness for cell phones. ) But distance also gives me a chance or an excuse to visit any time they like . Well, maybe that really is, any time I like.

Those trips give me a new "normal" and a break from being a person who had cancer. I am just a travelin' Mom.


Every Day is a Blessing! I am blessed with the opportunity to travel to see my children.

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Theresa said...

Miss having you guys around. Really do wish we were closer.