Monday, October 12, 2009


Last Saturday at 11:30 am my niece, Chloe, married Hans. The wedding was held at the Mezzanine in the National Newark and Essex Bank Building in Newark. Years ago it was where Aunt Mabel Minnefor, Aunt Dora Minnefor and Uncle Bruno Mancuso worked and/or frequented. The teller area was set up to be the bar. One side of the mezzanine was where the union took place , the center by the stairs was the cocktail hour area and the other side was where the reception was held.
Here is their wedding announcement in the New York Times and their website with readings from the day .

Chloe' is a poet so I thought I would capture the day in poetry.

Love .......
Wide, tall space,
Orange fall floral arrangements,
Artichokes and herbs,
Delicious heirloom yellow tomatoes topped fresh mozzarella,
Music filled the air.
"The Best is yet to come"



Every Day is a Blessing !

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