Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OCNA introduces Symptom Diary

Here is information that I received in an e-mail from the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

"In a bold effort to provide women and their doctors with better information about how and when to take the necessary steps to obtain an early diagnosis for ovarian cancer, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance has taken the lead in posting guidance for diagnoses on its web site. The Interim Practice Guidance, endorsed by prominent specialists in the field of gynecologic cancer, marks the first time ovarian cancer diagnostic protocols have been made available to the public. In addition to the guidance, a Symptom Diary that helps women measure the persistency and severity of their symptoms (initially developed in the United Kingdom by Ovarian Cancer Action), has been reproduced in conjunction with the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, with permission for use in the United States.
For the full article and a downloable Tool Kit, visit www.ovariancancer.org/diary."

This is a excellent way for women to record their symptoms and have those important conversations with their doctors,


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