Friday, June 19, 2009

Two Special Dads

There have been two very special Dads in my life Robert, my dad, and Nick, my husband.

I was 5 years old when my mother died and my Dad became a single dad to my two sisters and I ( with help from his sister Dora who came to live with us). The photo is from when he served in the Army during World War II.

My father was the one who kept telling me I could do anything if I worked hard enough at it. He was a plumber who had an 8th grade education. He worked long days to make sure all three of his daughters had college educations. He was behind me 100% when I applied to the engineering school at Rutgers. He had taught me how to weld pipe, change the float on a toilet and install a faucet so he figured I could be an engineer. I was so proud he saw me graduate and get my first job. He passed away in July of 1977 the same month I started work and met my husband. I wish my dad had been alive to meet my husband and kids. I know he would have loved them.

Nick is an awesome husband and wonderful Dad to Terry and Matt. When the kids were growing up he played ball, helped with homework, went to parent-teacher conferences, taught the kids how to drive and was always there to listen. Even now that Terry is married and Matt is in graduate school he still loves to have them visit or visit them and is still doing what dads do best- give advice and help with projects.

Nick has been my life line these past few years, taking me to almost every doctor appointment, chemo treatment, scan and blood test. He has been the one telling me I can do this. And he has helped me to find the strength to get through it not once but twice.

Thanks Dad and Nick for being the best Dads in the world.


Every Day is a Blessing.

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