Monday, June 15, 2009

Oncology Social Workers - the Unsung Heroes of a Cancer Survivor's Life

There is another group of people who play a crucial role in the life of a cancer survivor- the oncology social worker. This is dedicated to all social workers but especially for CINJ's Gynecological Cancer social worker, Julie.

Thanks for listening.

for asking those tough questions that help us make decisions;
for having that uncanny ability to know just what to say when the going gets tough for us.

Thanks for helping us adjust to our "new normal".

Thanks for answering all those e-mails and phone calls;
for calling or visiting us when we are in the hospital;
for being there (with the box of tissues) when we are first diagnosed;
for being the shoulder to cry on when we have to have another surgery, start chemo all over again or are waiting for test results.

Thanks for finding us resources when we don't know where to turn.
Thanks for making us laugh.
Thanks for making the journey a little bit easier.


Every Day is a Blessing !

1 comment:

Julie Murphy said...

Thanks for the kind and touching words....meeting people like the members of our group make this a wonderfully rewarding job..