Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanks Professor Randy Pausch

I got home in time last night from my KOH meeting to watch the Last Lecture a Love Story for your Life.

I had watched the lecture on You-Tube and I wanted to see more. I knew Randy worked at Carnegie Mellon in computer science but did not realize until the show that he developed the Alice Language. I taught AP Computer Science so I was familiar with the language and the impact the language made on computer science education. He was an expert in his field!

I found the show fascinating. As I watched I kept thinking how great is it that this man is talking about cancer and survivorship and death on national TV . I watched and thought- Yup I feel that way - or -He knows about that "tingly" feeling from neuropathy- just like me. He showed his CT scans and I thought - Gee I had one of those today. He worries about his children, just like I do. And he loves Tigger. I am a Pooh person myself but I would often remark that I felt like Eeyore when my treatments would be postponed.

His wife Jai was wonderful too. She offered the caregivers perspective and I looked over at Nick who was shaking his head in agreement as she spoke.

Thanks for sharing your love story and life with the world, Professor and may your always LiveStrong!


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Theresa said...

I will have to bring the book up when I come home in May. It is a good read.