Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A CT Scan in Record Time & the Last Lecture

This morning I was scheduled for my 6 month CT scan. Following the usual routine, I arrived at CINJ at 8:30am for my 8:45am port access. Fanina accessed it quickly , printed out my blood results and then I drank another one of those super delicious ;) EZ- Cat drinks.

I strolled across the street to RWJUH around 9:10. I went into admitting which printed out my bracelet and thenI went to the ground floor Radiology department. Once there I filled out the requisite CT history- mine is quite long - this was my 8th chest/ab/pelvic scan. When I got back from my visit to the rest room( all of you who have had a CT with contrast knows the thrills involved in preping for it) the technician was there to bring me down the hall for the test. I had the scans done on a 128 slice Siemans machine. It gives instructions with a British accent which I still find funny. The instructions are to "Take a deep breath and hold " the machine does the scan and then it tells you to " Carry on Breathing" . Yup "Carry on " is exactly what I will do. Anyway I was finished with the scans in about 10 minutes. They called a nurse in to flush and remove my port access and off I went. I was all finished before my 9:45am scheduled appointment time. Wow! Usually I wait a good 45 minutes to and hour and a few times almost 3 hours to get the scan done. I guess today was a slow day in the emergency room and on the hospital floors. Good for me.

Tonight I plan on watching the Last Lecture : A Love Story for your Life . ( ABC news 10 pm)It is about the last lecture of Professor Randy Pausch at Carnegie Mellon. Randy is a pancreatic cancer patient.


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Brian Dowd said...

Dee - I hope and pray for the best news with your ct scans.