Monday, April 28, 2008

A Great Doctor Visit

Today was my 3 month visit at CINJ with my gynecological oncologist, Dr Darlene Gibbon. She once again went over my CT results. ( There were no changes since the December scan.) . We talked about the results of the clinical trial I was in that Dr Rodriguez reported on in San Diego earlier this month. We also talked about the new Yale marker test and I asked about Dr Wicha and his cancer stem cell research. Then it was exam time. Everything looks good! Hurrah! So I asked Dr Gibbon if I could make my next appointment in 6 months. Now I really enjoy speaking with Dr Gibbon about various topics-not always cancer related. But her answer was no - once I am 3 years out of treatment( that will be March 2009) then I can go to every 6 months. So I will get a chance to see her and her staff in July.

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