Monday, April 7, 2008

Gyn-Onc Is Reporting on my Clinical Trial at AACR meeting

Dr. Lorna Rodgriguez, my gynecological oncologist at the Cancer Institute of NJ will be making a presentation at the American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting in San Diego on April 16th. She will be reporting on the clinical trial I took part in during my treatment in 2005 and 2006.
Her presentation
" Prevention of carboplatin resistance by selenium a phase I trial in women with gynecological malignancies"
is part of the Individualized Cancer Therapy Session. There were early studies done, at Rutgers my alma mater, on mice that showed that Selenium inhibited carboplatin drug resistance. So the doctors at CINJ developed this phase I trial to study the effects of selenium on carboplatin pharmacokinetics ( the process where a drug is absorbed, used,metabolized and gotten rid of ) in women with ovarian cancer. Another part of the study was to find a surrogate marker of the selenium effect. Well it turns out that selenium at the levels tested were well tolerated and did not effect the carboplatin pharmacokinetics. The study also found a possible marker of Se activity in the prevention of carboplatin resistance. Congratulations to my team of doctors- Dr Rodriguez , Dr. Gibbon, Dr. Nieves and Dr. Vaidya on such great work. They truly help me LiveStrong!


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