Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 6 #HAWMC My Super Power

What an interesting prompt.

Super power?  My first thought was flying, super strength, super speed and x-ray vision.

But on second thought I'd rather my super power be the ability to help people overcome their fears and enjoy the life they have.

I know fear stops us from doing the things we might want or need to do.
Visit family that lives on the other coast when you are afraid of flying.
Enjoy life and plan ahead when you fear a cancer recurrence.
Gather the information and having your ovaries and fallopian tubes removed when you fear of a diagnosis of ovarian cancer because you have a BRCA mutation.
Leave a relationship that is harmful to you physically and emotionally because you fear the unknown and would need to be alone.
Stand up for what you believe is right because you fear that people won't like you.
Go back to school to get your degree because you fear having to study and take tests.

These are just a few examples of my super power at work.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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