Saturday, November 5, 2016

Day 5 #HAWMC My Go To Platform - Twitter

Well I had high hopes that I would write each day for the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge but it seems I already missed two days. So I will just have to jump in when I have the time to post. Here goes with today's challenge of writing about my Go To Platform.

I started blogging as Women of Teal back in 2007, joined Twitter in 2011, joined Instagram in 2012 and lastly took Women of Teal to Facebook in 2015.

So which is my Go To platform. 

I can honestly say I have not only enjoyed it but I have made the most connections on that platform. I have  learned so much from other survivors, researchers , physicians and organizations and yes even the federal government. (I recommend you follow @TheNCI . ) I have asked questions and gotten almost instantaneous answers. I have shared losses which are sadly very common in the ovarian cancer world and I have gotten words of support. I have cheered on others in their journey with ovarian cancer and chatted with my #bcsm sisters about BRCA mutations and metastatic disease. Is it a challenge to write in 140 characters? You bet. So you have to make every word count. My best twitter experience is when @btrfly12 and I co-moderate the #gyncsm chat. (You should join us 2nd Wed of the month 9pm ET.)

So if you aren't on Twitter give it a try. Look for me. I'm @womenofteal. And be sure to say Hi!

Every Day is a Blessing! 


Marie Ennis said...

So happy to see you taking part in this challenge too Dee. I think it's perfectly fine for us to jump right in where we are - isn't that so like life!

Dee said...

Thanks Marie.
Yes life gets in the way of best laid plans sometimes. Looking forward to the next writing prompts.