Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 2 of #HAWMC! How I Write.

When I was first diagnosed I hadn't run across very many women who had ovarian cancer. So in 2007 I decided to share my experience and information I learned about the disease with other women through this blog. I also shared awareness events in my state (NJ) so that women could make a connection with others and get involved in a local organization. Who knew almost 9 years later I would still be writing.

What I write about now includes events and information about organizations in NJ but there is a greater concentration on research news.  I make a effort to describe research results in lay terms so the average patient and their caregivers can understand drugs and treatments in the pipeline.

I used to feel guilty if I didn't write once a week on this blog. Now I write when there is information to share or I have an experience that other women might find of interest or value.

It usually takes me a a minimum of 2 days to write a blog  post. I write a draft which in many cases includes lots of blank spaces. Many times I'm not able to recall the correct words for things. All this thanks to chemobrain from 14 chemo treatments. The next day I go back and read and complete the post.

So this writing every day all at once is a bit different for me.

Every Day is a Blessing! 

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