Monday, December 28, 2015

Another Year of Blogging, My Eighth

December 30th marks my 8th year writing this blog.When I first began I knew I wanted to raise awareness of the disease, share my story with other women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and disseminate information about cancer survivorship. I wasn't sure how long I would continue posting to Women of Teal. Would I be well enough to post? Would I run out of things to write about?

This is my eighty-first post of the year, more than last year but not as high as 2009 or 2012 years in which  I wrote well over one hundred and fifty posts. When looking back over the past year's posts the majority of what I wrote related to ovarian cancer research ( SGO and ASCO annual meetings ) as well as study results reported in journal articles.

My most popular posts were:

Part 1: Using the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm for Screening - US launch

Part 2: Using the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm - UKCTOCS Study Mortality Results

ASCO 2015 - Connections and Knowledge

During the month of September I took the GCAM ( Gyn Cancer Awareness Month) Challenge. I posted each day on gyn cancer topics from ovarian cancer - risks, treatment, genetics to cervical cancer, HPV and precision medicine.  In other posts this year I've written about:
  • books I've read and the book I wrote with Dr Don Dizon
  • what I learned about the CA-125 test and the two lab processes to measure it
  • NED the Band and the Movie
  • The Astra Zeneca Bloggers Conference
  • Presentations I made to Rutgers University AMSA students and  Eye for Pharma's Patient Summit
There were times though when I wrote about more personal issues.  I miss many of my teal sisters and wrote frequently about the effect they had on my life. I look forward to continuing to write in 2016. I do this with the hopes that sharing what I learn at conferences or reporting on the latest research will be beneficial to my followers.

Thank you to all who followed, commented or e-mailed me this year I appreciate interacting with all of you. Please let me know if there are any topics you would like me to write about in 2016 .

See you in 2016!

Every Day is a Blessing!