Monday, July 13, 2015

Anxiety and Putting Things in Perspective

Last Wednesday's #gyncsm topic was Dealing with Anxiety. As usual when preparing for a chat I researched some resources and thought about my own personal responses to the questions we were asking. You can find the questions etc on this page.

When I was diagnosed I felt anxious about :
My port functioning correctly ( It worked for 9 years.) 
The chemo working 
Getting an infection when my blood counts were low (This never happened)
Waiting for CA-125 results
Waiting for CT scan results (Frequently called Scanxiety by patients and survivors.)
Having enough energy to get anything done around the house.

When my treatments ended and I was in remission I became anxious with every ache and pain in my abdomen and pelvis or with every upset stomach. Then I recurred and all the things that made me anxious when I was in treatment initially came right back to haunt me. And then of course I added a few new anxiety provoking things. My cancer recurred on my liver and spleen so I worried after surgery about not having a spleen. Then I became anxious when I experienced a severe allergic reaction to carboplatin and needed to be on taxol only. Would a single agent do the trick?

Over time I learned to deal with my anxiety although even while NED ( no evidence of disease) these past few years I still get anxious waiting for scan and  CA-125 results.

Then a few weeks ago something different happened. I hurt my knee. It was a weird pulling type of feeling and in a day or two it was back to normal. Then two weeks ago I felt it again and then last Thursday night after working with my dog outside - POW - the pain was so intense.

The next morning I couldn't put my left foot down without feeling a pain behind my knee. A quick trip to my primary care physician lead to a referral to a orthopedist ( which happens next week) for a possible torn meniscus. I also got instructions to rest it and ice it. The pain I could deal with by taking a few Advil. But what upset me most was that I had to cancel plans I had for the weekend. Canceling those plans raised the same feelings I had when I was in chemo and had to miss so many events with family and friends.

Then the "not knowing"anxious feeling came back too.
Not knowing what the actual diagnosis for my knee pain will be.
Not knowing what the treatment would be.
Not knowing how long it will take to heal.

I was telling my husband how I was feeling and he turned to me and said "You got through cancer treatments you can get through this too". Kind of put it all in perspective.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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Agnes Lawson said...

Thank you for sharing your story. It's easy for us to feel anxious about a lot of things; kids, family, work, etc. Our health is nothing to take for granted and certainly warrants stress. I'm sorry that you had to cancel your plans but your husband is right. This is just a small roadblock compared to where you have been in the past. keep your head up!

Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts