Wednesday, July 15, 2015


You have a choice each and every day
I choose to feel blessed
I choose to feel grateful
I choose to be excited 
I choose to be thankful
I choose to be happy. 
          - Amber Housley

A friend and ovarian cancer survivor on Facebook posted a photo with these words on it today.

I instantly thought of the gynecologic cancer support group I went to this week. Most of the women are living with disease and two of us are NED(no evidence of disease). We talked about our treatments and side effects and then we started to talk about J. At our May meeting J told us she was stopping treatment and was moving to New England to be with her mom, family and friends.I wrote about it in this blog post. Not one of us told her that it was a bad decision . Not one of us told her to continue in treatment. Even though we all knew what would happen - eventually.

Eventually was June 21st. All of us thought she passed away too quick. We wanted more time with her - talking on the phone, texting, e-mailing or maybe even getting a chance to visit. We talked about the wonderful handbags she created. We were sad. But we were also grateful that she felt close enough to all of us to share her deepest fears and needs.  We were happy that we could tell her how much she meant to us. We were grateful that J had some time in a beautiful spot in New England.

Picture from J of the view from her home.

I am happy she let us be a part of her life. I will always admire her for making the choice she did.

Every Day is a Blessing! 

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