Monday, June 8, 2015

ASCO - Connections Part II - Twitter

In the last post, I wrote about the  face to face connections I made with advocates , oncologists and researchers at the ASCO Annual Meeting. But connections were made in other ways too. I made connections with others through twitter as I tweeted with the #gyncsm and #ASCO15 hashtags.

There were many people at the meeting tweeting research results to their followers as can be seen by the tweet stats posted by @ASCO.

Look at how the tweets increased as the meeting progressed. Below is a graphic of  how the number of #ASCO15 meeting Tweeters, Tweets, Impressions and avg tweets/hr differed from the 2014 annual meeting. 

People were not only tweeting to their followers but doctors were also interacting with patient advocates at and about the meeting . Greg Matthews (@chimoose) was able to capture these interactions visually one day during the meeting.

The physicians are blue dots and the yellow dots are patients. The size of the dot represents how many times that account was mentioned. Check out the yellow dot in the upper right quadrant. That's me, @womenofteal,  and my interactions with others at the meeting.  Thank you Greg for allowing me to use the chart in this post. You can view/ enlarge the chart by visiting this page. This chart was based on research by MDigitalLife"s  Social Oncology Report -

Coming up next are the first of a number of posts I call "ASCO: Knowledge"  which will report on the many studies that were reported on at ASCO.  

Every Day is a Blessing!

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