Sunday, March 8, 2015

Real Rock Stars

I watched NED (No Evidence of Disease) - the Movie a few nights ago. A local PBS station was broadcasting it so I set my DVR.  The documentary is about six gynecologic oncologists, talented musicians, who form a band. As NED plays concerts we get to meet some of the band member's patients and biggest fans.

I have wanted to watch the Movie since it was released but I was uncertain of how I would react to it. It turns out I experienced all the reactions I thought I would.  First, let me say I loved the music.  It was so nice to see the personal sides of the doctors.  I smiled as I watched them hug their patients because that is the type of relationship I have with my gyn onc. I nodded my head as the patients told their stories and I cried as I watched and listened to a husband whose wife had passed away.

I know there are many worthwhile quotes from the movie but these are three of my favorites.

"...Breast cancer might have pink ribbons but we have a Rock Band." And what a talented Band they are!

"Awareness is the first step." Not all gyn cancers have screening tests so being aware of changes in a women's body is important to diagnosis.

"...spirit is what makes you a woman." It is difficult to feel feminine when you have had your ovaries , fallopian tubes, uterus etc  removed  and  have no hair during treatment but this patient was so right when she talked about a woman's spirit.

Be sure to check out the movie's website ( ) for the broadcast schedule and the band's website ( )  to learn more about the band members and their music. I highly recommend NED the Movie. 

Thank You
John Boggess, M.D.
Joanie Hope, M.D.
Nimesh Nagarsheth, M.D.
William "Rusty" Robinson, M.D.
John Soper, M.D.
William Winter, M.D.
for sharing your talents - medical and musical with us. 
Thank You 
patients and families for sharing your narrative.


Every Day is a Blessing!

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